Restorative Dentistry – Elk Grove, IL

How We Can Heal Dental Damage

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, there’s still the chance that you’ll be faced with a cavity or some other type of damage to your smile. A sudden blow to the face could easily break a tooth, and infrequent flossing could contribute to decay. No matter the reason why your smile needs repair, we’re here to provide the solution you need at Kushner, Becker & Associates. Our restorative dentistry services are designed to heal dental damage and get your smile back on track. If one or more of your teeth needs some restorative care, contact our office to set up an appointment.

Why Choose Kushner, Becker & Associates for Restorative Dentistry?

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  • Dentists with Advanced Training in Prosthodontics
  • Extremely Short Wait Times

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If a patient has a cavity, Drs. Kushner prefers to address the damage with natural-looking materials rather than the dark metals that were the tradition for decades. Specifically, we use composite resin, which can be colored to match your natural tooth enamel. It also creates a tight seal that protects against future decay. Thanks to tooth-colored fillings, you can smile confidently, and no one even has to know that you had a cavity!

Dental Crowns

To safeguard vulnerable teeth, we can fit them with dental crowns, or “caps.” While traditional crowns were made from gold and other metals, we provide zirconia and EMAX crowns. These materials are strikingly similar to tooth enamel in nearly every way. Not only do our dental crowns restore structure and function to at-risk teeth, but they do so without altering your natural-looking smile in any way.

Root Canals

When the nerve inside of a tooth is subjected to infection or damage, it can be intensely painful. Often, the only way to address this problem is by performing a root canal. Despite the pervasive rumor that root canals hurt, the truth is that they actually relieve pain. How so? This procedure entails removing the infected tissue within the tooth, which not only eliminates pain, but also preserves your natural tooth from needing to be extracted.