TMJ/TMD Therapy – Elk Grove, IL

Personalized, Effective Relief for Jaw Pain

When your jaw joints – also known as your temporomandibular joints, or TMJs – become inflamed, it can cause serious or even debilitating pain in the jaw as well as the ears, head, neck, and shoulders. If you’re searching for personalized, effective relief for jaw pain, our dentists are happy to provide TMJ/TMD therapy at Kushner, Becker & Associates. We’d love to eliminate the discomfort in your TMJs and help you enjoy a pain-free smile again. Just call our office to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose Kushner, Becker & Associates for TMJ/TMD Therapy?

  • Custom-Fit Oral Appliances Made from Digital Impressions
  • All-Digital Dental X-Rays for Precise Diagnoses
  • Patient-Focused Care at a Family-Owned Dental Practice

What Is TMJ/TMD?

TMD is another term for TMJ disorder, which describes a condition where a person’s jaw joints become damaged or irritated. Not only does TMD hinder a person’s oral functioning, but it also results in severe pain that can radiate throughout the head and even to the neck or shoulders. In addition to jaw pain, some of the most common symptoms of TMD are chronic headaches/migraines, neck stiffness, jaw popping/clicking, and lockjaw.

Occlusal Splints

Many patients have enjoyed TMD relief thanks to occlusal splints. These are customized trays that are worn over the teeth as you sleep. During the night, the splint gradually repositions the jaw, alleviating the stress on the TMJs and the surrounding facial structures. When this pressure is relieved, the jaw joints can begin to heal. After wearing the splint every night for a few weeks or months, the jaw remembers its new position, allowing patients to find long-term relief from TMD-related discomfort.